If you’re in need of a Veterinarian Clinic in Colorado Springs CO, there are several options. Some of these clinics offer special services to veterans and their families. One such option is the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Red Rock, a state-of-the-art facility designed for military and family pet care. Read on to learn more about the clinic, its hours of operation, and the contact information you need.

Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Red Rock

The Cohen Veterans Network, a nonprofit network of mental health clinics, has announced the opening of a new clinic in Red Rock, Colorado. It is the 23rd clinic in the nation. This new location will serve all veterans regardless of their status or insurance.

The Cohen Veterans Network is a non-profit organization funded by billionaire hedge fund investor Steven Cohen. Cohen has a personal connection to the military. He served in the Army from 2003 to 2009, including deployments to Afghanistan. During that time, he battled enemy combatants until support arrived. As a result, he believes there is a need for behavioral health services for veterans.

In addition to the opening of a clinic, Cohen Veterans Network has partnered with Centerstone, a national leader in behavioral health services. They have been providing life-changing care to patients for 60 years. Their mission is to heal the invisible wounds of war.

This new clinic will offer no-cost, high-quality, confidential care. Patients can access evidence-based therapy and other services to help them deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Depending on their needs, patients can receive services such as Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Post-9/11 vet care

In its quest to make its mark on the local medical scene, the VA is doing its best to improve veteran health and well-being through a number of means. To help get you on the road to recovery, the VA has created a website to help veterans navigate their way to better health. Among other things, the site contains a directory of providers and a list of free and low-cost services. The site also offers a series of educational video presentations aimed at helping veterans navigate the health care system.

The Post-9/11 vet care in Colorado Springs CO isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but there are a few places where veterans can get their health care needs met. One is the VA Rocky Mountain Network, which is home to a collection of the most trusted doctors, hospitals and health care providers in the area. Another is the VA Medical Center, which has a host of services for veterans in the northern Colorado metro area.

Hours of operation

The best time to visit a veterinary clinic is in the early morning hours. Fortunately, there are many on-call specialists in the Colorado Springs area to call upon. Most veterinary facilities offer a free consultation, albeit at the time of writing, it was a Friday. A veterinarian will gladly provide a list of questions to get you started. They are also a lot of fun to be around. One of the most enlightening aspects of visiting a local vet clinic is the chance to socialize with fellow animal lovers. If you are lucky, you will also glean some useful tips and tricks that can be applied to your next veterinary experience. The most rewarding part of all is that you are treated as family instead of just a patient.