Locksmiths can help with a wide variety of lock-related issues. They can install, repair and change locks, open safes, and make replacement keys. They may also offer home security systems and advice.

You have probably seen a locksmith on television using a slim jim to pick a lock or reprogramming a keyless entry system. Locksmiths have many tools and techniques to open a door without damaging the lock.


Whether you are looking for a locksmith to repair jammed locks or provide security system services, opting for a local professional is an ideal choice. In comparison to national companies, local locksmiths prioritize their clients and focus on providing a personalized experience. In addition, local locksmiths are able to respond more quickly to any queries you may have.

Residential locksmith services are available at any hour and include everything from replacing locks to installing new lock systems for doors, cabinets, and windows. Some locksmiths also offer 24-hour emergency service to ensure homeowners can call them when they need assistance. Additionally, many locksmiths offer complete home security packages that include installation of door sensors and alarm systems. This can help protect your home and family against burglary and other threats. You can also get the peace of mind knowing that you are working with a reputable company. The best way to find the right local residential locksmith is to ask for recommendations from friends and family.


For the commercial market, locksmith services can include a variety of options. These may include repairing or replacing emergency exit door push-bar handles and locks, rekeying all business lock systems, and installing digital locks. Other locksmith services may include reprogramming garage door openers and gates, or rekeying the key cylinder in a commercial office.

Some locksmiths specialize in re-keying safe locks, and they are fully equipped to open any type of safe without damaging the contents inside. They can also help with other security issues, such as opening a locked mailbox or changing locks on exterior doors. Some providers offer these services under security system packages, and some even provide 24-hour service to assist customers who are locked out.

Some locksmith companies can also assist with re-keying the locks on warehouse or storefront doors, and they can handle various types of locking mechanisms, from traditional hinged steel to automatic electronic door locks. They can also install or repair revolving door locks, and they can create master key systems for businesses.


When you’re locked out of your car, you need a locksmith in Oakland Park that will come to your aid. These professionals will have the tools and training to unlock your vehicle without damaging it. They can also rekey your locks and repair damaged door components. They can even handle your garage door and gate lock needs. Their services range from key duplication and rekeying to installation of commercial doors, master re-keying, and digital locks.

The Local Locksmith Company was started because there is a need for honest, reputable and responsive locksmiths in Oakland County. They don’t use bait-and-switch pricing or price gouging and offer a low-price guarantee. They also provide information to assist homeowners in rekeying their own locks and ways to avoid being locked out of their homes. In addition, they offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services. Many security system providers include these services in their plan warranties to give customers a backup option to get into their homes or businesses if they’re locked out of their property.