Laser etching of pre-clinical CT data sets allows anatomical structures to be represented in a way that closely resembles clinical imaging. Additionally, surface maps and scale bars can be engraved in the crystals to provide information about the size of the structures.

Reconstruction of 3D crystal shape information from 2D projections has been the subject of a number of research projects.

Rectangular Crystal Blocks

Whether you are commemorating an anniversary, graduation day, the passing of a loved one, or a big sporting event, there is nothing more meaningful than a personalized 3D Crystal Square. It preserves a special moment in great detail, lasts longer than a photo print, and can be cherished for years to come. Plus, we use top rated K-9 crystal blocks and high-definition lasers to ensure that every piece is as vivid as possible.

Our crystal keepsakes can transform any 2D image, photo, or design into a three-dimensional sculpture that looks stunning from every angle. Using the subsurface engraving technique, we can reproduce any human form, animal, or product. These are the perfect gifts to celebrate someone’s achievement, or simply to show your love and affection. They are also great for business gifts, recognition awards, promotional paperweights, or event mementos. You can even add a text message or small gift note to make the present more personal and memorable.

Tower Crystals

Capture the moments that matter most in your life and have them engraved in an elegant crystal photo cube. This crystal keepsake is a great gift for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. This is also a lovely memorial piece to honor your loved one.

Photonic crystal structures exhibit a wide range of dye-free structural colors,1 enabling applications in integrated optical components2, 3D photonic printed circuitry3,4 and anti-counterfeit security labels5.5 However, deterministic patterning of such complex three-dimensional (3D) structural colors is difficult due to the manual stacking of 2D patterns with stringent alignment requirements.

By using two-photon polymerization lithography (TPL), we have shown that lattice constants can be independently positioned within the 3D structure, allowing arbitrary patterns to be printed in the 3D volume. For example, a 54 um tall Eiffel Tower was printed in structural blue and a 20 um tall Chinese character for luck “Fu” was printed in structural red. Optical micrographs show that the resulting microscopic structures are robust and retain their shapes during thermal shrinkage.

Diamond Shape

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they can also be the perfect gift for anyone you love. Our Diamond shape can be used to capture a picture of your loved ones and make it into a beautiful, personalized piece that will remind you of them every time you look at it. This customized jewelry is perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, engagement occasions, graduations, and much more.

Featuring an elegant small diamond crystal sitting on one cut corner, this design is perfect for any picture you want to display with pride. This 3D photo cube can be engraved with any portrait image of your family, children, pets or friends. It also comes with a base to fit in an LED light for added visibility.

Adding 3D subsurface engraving to your optical crystal creates stunning, life-like detail that will bring any logo or image to life. It’s the perfect way to commemorate an event, celebrate a milestone or give an award that will be remembered forever.

Photo Cubes

A photo crystal cube is a great way to capture a special memory. The process starts with a high-quality photo or artwork, which we laser-etch into the crystal. This creates a stunning 3D effect, making the image appear to float in space. The result is a beautiful keepsake that can be displayed in any room.

Our experts will then optimize the design, refining details and adjusting depths to make sure it is accurately represented in 3D. This is a critical step because it ensures that the final product will look as realistic as possible.

Our beautiful crystal cubes are a unique way to memorialize a moment in time or give someone a gift that they will treasure forever. Engrave a photo and your message, and you’ll have a thoughtful gift that will never be forgotten.