Wet Waste Management

Water pollution is a major cause of concern for humanity. Biowizard Aqua is developed to address this problem.

Water pollution is a major cause of concern for humanity. Biowizard Aqua is developed to address this problem. This product is an amalgamation of treated leachate and enzymes. Biowizard aqua combines a broad spectrum of microbial enzymatic activities with specially designed non-enzymatic, biocatalysts that work concomitantly to significantly enhance overall digestive reaction rates. This results in superior reductions in odor, volatile organic compounds (VOC), bio-chemical oxygen demand (BAD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and overall solid waste. Microbial activation greatly extends product efficiency and effectiveness, and is recommended for every type of wastewater treatment applications. Use of Biowizard Aqua in waste water treatment will lead to:

Reduction In


Reduction In


Reduction In

Bio Solids

Reduction In

Chemical use

Biowizard Aqua Achieves these results by establishing a Microbial and enzyme based system that has the ability to rapidly and fully digest organic pollutants through high speed enzymatic catabolism. The rapid reduction in pollutants improves dissolved oxygen levels thereby reducing aeration requirements. Due to its high speed of action, Biowizard Aqua requires a significantly less micro-organism population and therefore results in a greater reduction in residual biomass, which is the cause of excess sludge in most waste water treatment processes.

How this work?

When Biowizard Aqua is first applied in an existing WWTP, it improves the biological activity. It will begin to breakdown and digest accumulated sludge and bio-films throughout the plant. This will cause a temporary increase in Suspended Solids in influent to the aeration tanks. The higher plant efficiency will, typically however, provide an effluent equivalent to previous levels. Once the accumulated sludge is removed from the plant SS and TDS will show reduced levels in both influent and effluent. BOD and COD levels in influent will show reductions over the initial 2 weeks providing opportunity to begin to either increase plant throughput or to reduce aeration, and therefore electricity consumption. After the initial cleaning of the plant, the total bio-solids produced by the plant will show a marked reduction due to the higher  biological efficiency. Experience to date shows that this can be as high as a 90 to 95% reduction. As this sludge reduction occurs, there is less requirement for chemicals used for flocculation and coagulation.



Sewage Treatment Plants

Efflunt storage Basin

Effluent storage lagoons

Oxidation Pits

Facultative lagoons

Fishing ponds

Rapid infiltration Basins

Percolation Ponds

Commercial septic tank systems

Decorative Ponds

Livestock Manure Lagoons

Religious Kunds

Method Of Applications

Biowizard Aqua helps in increasing the capacity of the treatment plant and reducing the electricity consumption to a great extent. Following dozing procedure is followed for WWTP and large STP.
  • Small & medium size WWTP (Waste water treatment plants).
  • Pre-activation. Follow the basic directions for the proper pre-activation of each dose of Biowizard Aqua.

1.Mix the prescribed amount of Biowizard Aqua in fresh water at a concentration of approximately 5,000 mg/L (ppm)

2.Leave the container uncovered or use a mechanical aerator

3.Keep the container in a warm place above 15°C.

4.Let the mix activate for 24 hours.

5.Stir immediately before applying to re-suspend any settled material in the solution.

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