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The nation is developing at an appreciative pace but it also has severe environmental damage and health risks, owing to the increasing population and subsequently, the enormous waste productions and improper management at all levels.

Looking at the Future of Clean Energy

azure meeting the rising demand for energy in a sustainable manner by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices; thereby reducing India’s carbon footprint.


Solar energy is present everywhere in abundance, and is more than enough to illuminate the whole earth. At AZURE Solar, we assess your energy requirement, identify system components needed and integrate the whole components to generate the optimum output. So, let’s begin with its working, your bill and savings, time it takes to install and your payback period:


Firstly, We’re An Environmentally Friendly Renewable Energy Company Offering A Broad Portfolio Of Technologies, Products, & Solutions To Our Clients Globally


A point concentration technology used in both CPV and CST systems. A dish Sterling system or parabolic dish is often made up of different mirror segments. These mirrors focus sunlight onto a circular target above the dish and in front of the Sterling or the Steam Engine which converts the heat into kinetic energy and subsequently into electricity.

Being a major player in the supply chain of Solar Energy, AZURE  Solar holds leadership position in supply of Solar Grade Mirror to the CSP market.


A line concentration technology used to collect solar thermal energy using mirrors, a receiver tube or absorber, and Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) to convert the heat into steam.

The steam can further be used to supply direct heat in industrial processes, run a turbine, or even power a steam generator


A point concentration technology used to collect solar thermal energy using an array of mirrors that focuses sun rays to heat a furnace on top of a tower. These rays could be focused to heat water and produce steam to power a turbine.