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Biowizard is the smart answer to two of the most critical problems faced by mankind – Municipal solid waste and Municipal liquid effluents. Biowizard’s innovation is useful in effectively treating hazardous gases associated with the composting of garbage and the gases generated in the liquid effluent. It also accelerates the composting process of solid waste and treats sewage swiftly to reduce BOD, COD, and the sludge mass in Sewage Treatment Plants, and increase DO levels. . ,Backed by strong in-house R∓D in solid and liquid waste management, Biowizard develops innovative applied science products crucial to the protection of the environment.
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An environmental-friendly product meant for treating organic waste and controlling the foul odor associated with decaying garbage.


Water pollution is a major concern for humanity. Biowizard Wet Waste Management is developed to address this problem.

Harnessing Endless Engery From Sun

As our world’s energy consumption grows, operators are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources like the sun to generate sustainable, green power. But providing a reliable, constant supply has proven challenging with the fluctuating nature of this resource. Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems are an innovative way to collect the sun’s energy – for power generation operators can count on.

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Solar energy is present everywhere in abundance, and is more than enough to illuminate the whole earth. At AZURE Solar, we assess your energy requirement, identify system components needed and integrate the whole components to generate the optimum output. So, let’s begin with its working, your bill and savings, time it takes to install and your payback period: